Ban Appeal / Other

To contact an admin outside of the server, you will need to open a ticket on the official TriumphPvP discord. Discord tickets are reserved for more serious issues such as ban appeals and webstore purchase problems. However, you can still report a player for misconduct through a discord ticket if you are doing so to present video/photo evidence that cannot be presented via the in-game ticketing system.

The following is a step by step explanation of how to open/issue a ticket through the TriumphPvP discord:

  • First, you need to join the discord by clicking here. 

  • Once you’re on the official TriumphPvP discord, click on the ticket-help text channel, as shown in the image below.​

  • The ticket-help text channel contains the Ticket Tool, which you will use to open new tickets. To open a new ticket, left click on the envelope icon on the bottom left hand of the Ticket Tool.

  • After having left-clicked the envelope on the bottom left hand side of the Ticket Tool, you will see a new private chat created for you at the top of the discord text channels. This is a private chat channel between you and the admin that eventually responds to your ticket. You can write and post as many messages/images into this chat as you need, to resolve your issue. However, once your ticket is closed, this chat will be locked and you won’t be able to chat in it anymore.

  • To close your ticket (mark it as resolved), simply click on the padlock icon on the button left of the Ticket Tool in your private ticket chat.

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