In-Game Support


To communicate with an admin about an ongoing issue, report a bug, or simply ask a question, open a ticket by typing /Ticket [message] into chat. All online admins will be notified of your newly created ticket and will investigate shortly after. 

You will be notified when an admin responds to your ticket. Once an admin responds to your ticket, you can keep going back and forth with that admin by typing /Ticket respond [message] in chat. You will be able to keep responding to that ticket’s messages until your issue is resolved and the admin marks your ticket as resolved.


If you need to report another player for any misconduct (ex: cheating, hacking, swearing, etc.) you can do so typing in /Report [username] [reason]. However, note that the player you are reporting must be online for you to report them. If they are not online, please open a ticket stating their complete username and the reason for the report.


  • /Ticket [message]: Opens a ticket for you to get in contact with a server admin.

  • /Ticket respond [message]: Responds to any message that was sent to you through a ticket.

  • /Report [username] [reason]: Reports another player on the server for a specified reason. 

  • Note: Making false accusations/reports against other players will get you in trouble.

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