Welcome to TriumphPvP!

Hello everyone,

We just launched the server! TriumphPvP is a fully custom clan pvp Minecraft Java Edition server that aims to provide you with a “back to the roots” oldschool pvp experience.

Our sole purpose for creating TriumphPvP is to provide all Minecraft pvp/raiding enthusiasts with an environment that is not riddled with annoying “pay to win” elements, such as overpowered kits, player fly-commands, and any other ridiculous game breaking content that all other greedy Minecraft server owners push.


  • A dynamic clans system that offers base raiding, a clan leveling system, inter-clan pvp control, and much more!

  • An enormous 300x300 blocks spawn arena built precisely to offer the most entertaining and skill challenging pvp experience.

  • Land protection and sieging capabilities

  • Player-owned shops

  • Oldschool pvp mechanics

  • McMMO

  • Vote Crate

  • And much more!

We will be regularly updating the server to ensure we offer you the best possible Minecraft pvp experience. Are you ready to put your pvp skills to the test? Visit us at play.triumphpvp.com and start your journey to forming the most powerful clan on the server!

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